8 steps to save ⅓ of your budget or how to properly hire a Shopify expert
We hear success stories from Shopify store owners every day. These stories have much in common: more sales opportunities, growth, and development are possible when you can stand out from similar stores.
Shopify developers can boost your online presence and drive your business to overall success. However, choosing the developer who will help you grow is a tough task. What is the best way to choose the right expert among 327 trusted options?
Below we list the most important things to take into account. We'll help you choose the right contractor to solve your problem!

1. List the tasks

You will need a detailed specification of what objectives, budget, target audiences and technical features you want to implement on your website. It is one of the ways to identify which expert can help you among designers, marketers and photographers. List the main points in writing and take them with you when you need to make a decision on the right development company.

2. First impressions count

Look into the website of the prospective contractor: it should be responsive and easy to upload. This means that the text, images, and videos should adjust perfectly well to all screen sizes and new windows.

Have a tour of the website and find dedicated pages that describe their work on projects, and reveal real-life testimonials left by existing clients. Meet the team and read a couple of lines about the people you are going to work with.

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3. Study the portfolio

What is the right way to understand if someone satisfies your business needs? It is essential to study the previous work of Shopify developers. Every Shopify expert leaves direct links to the websites they have already built. Study these examples and see if they look professional.
You need to get an impression whether these websites drive sales and perform well on any device.

4. Immediate quote

Reluctance to give away the clear pricing is an obvious red flag that the team cannot fit your goals. Numbers should be given immediately after you receive an offer. Bear in mind that prices may be not available directly on the website of your future partner; however, it should not be a struggle to receive them.

5. Good reviews

It would be great if you shortlisted the offers from developers with the highest rating.
Positive reviews are a good sign that you can trust the expert. However, sometimes an abundance of reviews means that this developer deals with small pieces of work instead of large complex tasks. If you require a unique custom design for your store, turn to experts who have already dealt with that type of work.

6. Open communication

Digital communication is now normal in modern business – choose the contractor who is the most open during it. Sure, you may choose a developer from any geographical location. Therefore, keep in mind there may be different time zones between you and the team of developers.

It is essential to enable face-to-face meetings using special services. When you receive the first replies, choose the experts who are open to communication and use straightforward terms in their emails. It is a great idea to contact a chosen expert in person, via Skype or Invision.

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7. Meeting deadlines

Work with the developers who are quick to answer your questions right from the beginning. Setting up a new store is time-consuming - that is why it is crucial to make sure your developers aren't slow in their answers. A delay in communication may cause serious damage to your plans and hinder the launch of a store.

8. Friendly vibes

Easy-going communication is the main aspect of any business activity – if you launch a store for the first time, you will need plenty of time to complete the task. Developers will accompany you through the whole journey to the final version of the project. If your communication is friendly and fun and you enjoy the routine, then chances are that you will complete the tasks and be satisfied with them.

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